Tattoos by Fabio

Here is a small selection of some tattoos recently completed by Fabio. Please check back regularly as new images are always being added.

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Japanese tattoo style is all about convention and tradition. Fabio is well versed in this ancient art and his outstanding results speak for themselves.


Realistic, vibrant or even surreal, the latest inks, combined with Fabio\'s mastery of form and design ensure excellent results.


Iconic images brought up to date with these tattoos.

Black and grey

Fabio is renowned for his black and grey work and here you can see some of his excellent shading.

Biomechanical and tribal

Biomech tattoos have increased in popularity recently and Fabio consistently produces outstanding work in this area.

Dark and skulls

A old staple from the early days of modern tattooing, but brought bang up to date. Old school, new school, or black and grey, these tattoos put a new twist on an old art.

Cover ups

With a little patience and a lot of skill Fabio can work wonders, as this section clearly shows.

Script and lettering

Words don't come easy.


Portrait tattoos are very hard to master, but Fabio has many times as these pictures show.